Invisalign for Adults in 2023: What You Need to Know

Invisalign for adult

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatment isn’t for children or kids. In fact, more than 25% of patients are adults. With advancements in orthodontic technology, there are now a variety of different methods that are more aesthetic and comfortable than ever before to address the orthodontic issue.

One popular option is Invisalign for adults, which can effectively treat lots of dental issues. It consists of a series of BPA-free plastic, clear, removable, and custom-made aligners that can give you a beautiful smile by correcting your dental issues.

Below, we’ll talk through the effectiveness, benefits, and more to help you gain a better understanding if, like others, you are considering orthodontic treatment but are unsure if it will work for you.

Does Invisalign Work for Adults?

As mentioned before, age is not a limiting factor when it comes to orthodontic treatment. In fact, 1 in every 5 patients with orthodontic treatments is an adult, so you’re not too old to have a beautiful smile.

When it comes to Invisalign treatment, there’s no upper age limit. Many orthodontic patients are in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s. Some may have had traditional braces when they were younger, and now, over time, their teeth have shifted back. Others may have never undergone orthodontic treatment before.

Below, we’ll explore the effectiveness of Invisalign for adults over 40, over 50, and over 60.

Does Invisalign Work for Adults

Invisalign for adults over 40

Usually, at this age, people worry about experiencing discomfort during the orthodontic journey. However, you may experience some soreness or discomfort, especially for the first few weeks after wearing Invisalign, the beautiful smile you’ll gain at the end of your journey is worth the initial discomfort.

When it comes to Invisalign for adults, keep in mind that for mild to moderate dental problems, Invisalign is generally an effective, discreet option.

Ultimately, your orthodontist is the only one who can determine the best course of treatment for your own problem. Always remember that age is only a number when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile. Don’t let concerns hold you back from seeking the smile you desire.

Invisalign for adults over 60

Christine Joly, a financial planner in Mississauga, once said: “When you’re in the service industry, smiles are very important.” Please notice that she sought orthodontic treatment at the age of 62!

She then continued: “Starting 15 years ago, I had a typical adult overcrowding on the bottom, where my teeth started bending inside towards my mouth, overlapping with each other, and banging on my crowns. I ended up with a gap between the two of them, which I really hated, and it kept getting worse. There was no point in replacing the crowns unless I corrected my bite. Plus, I didn’t want my teeth to look bad when I was 70, 80, or 90.”

She now wears Invisalign aligners and joins a legion of adults like Tom Cruise, Danny Glover, Faye Dunaway, and Faith Hill, all of whom opted for orthodontic treatment after age 40.

To draw attention to the importance of orthodontic treatment at this age, please keep attention to the statement of Dr. J. Eric Sences, vice president of the Canadian Association of Orthodontics and an orthodontist in Mississauga: “My practice has developed into about 50 percent adults, and piles of them are in the 50-plus age range, including patients in their 80s.” He then continued: “People are living healthy longer, and many adults who never had the chance to do orthodontics as children see this as a way to improve health, vitality, and aesthetics.”

Invisalign for adults over 60

Please note that our teeth, just like our bodies, change over time, and seeking orthodontic treatment can be an effective way to improve our overall health condition at older ages.

Adults’ jawbones are continuously changing and being positioned differently. This is mainly due to the fact that the top and bottom jaws are joined by soft tissue rather than hard tissue. If one jaw were to grow or shift slightly from the other, pressure would be placed on the teeth, causing them to move. As a result, the need for orthodontic treatment isn’t limited to a specific age and can arise at any age.

Invisalign for adults over 50: myths & facts

Senior dental care is now more crucial than ever because Canadians are living longer and healthier lives. Although many people associate “braces” and teeth straightening with teenagers, seniors are now discovering they do not have to put up with dental problems including crooked teeth, tooth gaps, misalignment, and other dental afflictions.

Invisalign for adults is a convenient and comfortable solution to address dental problems. In the following, we’ll discuss some myths and facts about Invisalign for adults over 50.

Myth 1: Adult teeth are set in place and cannot be shifted into the desired position.

Fact 1: Although teenage teeth are more malleable and easier to move, adult teeth can also be realigned using Invisalign or traditional braces, regardless of age.

Invisalign for adults: myths and facts

Myth 2. Wearing aligners all the time is mandatory and can be intolerable, especially for adults who have certain occasions to attend.

Fact 2. Invisalign aligners are removable, meaning you can remove them for meals or even for special occasions. Though you need to wear them for a specific period of time each day, it’s okay to remove them for a short time.


Myth 3: If you had braces when you were a child, you wouldn’t need them again in your lifetime!

Fact 3: Our teeth, like our bodies, change over time due to factors such as tendons, muscles, and a natural shortening of the jaw. Even if you’ve had perfectly straight teeth your entire life, that doesn’t mean you’ll never experience crowding or crooked teeth as you age. In such cases, you can consider Invisalign for adults to correct age-related crowding and maintain the beautiful smile you’ve always had.


Myth 4: Clear braces for adults are inconvenient and difficult to wear!

Fact 4: Clear Braces, like Invisalign, are a gentle & easy treatment, and more importantly, they’re custom designed to perfectly suit each patient’s mouth. They are a perfect treatment, especially for adults with lower bone density or weakened teeth.

The Average Cost of Invisalign for Adults

On average, Invisalign for an adult’s cost can vary from $3,000 up to $10,000, depending on the severity of your case, the duration of your treatment, the overall state of your oral health, etc.

Invisalign uses custom-made plastic aligner trays that gradually shift teeth into the desired position. During your treatment, you’ll receive several aligners to straighten your teeth. Obviously, the more severe your issue is, the more likely you are to have longer-term treatment and, consequently, more aligners.

Dr. Mir at York Orthodontics evaluates your current teeth and gum condition using digital scanners like iTero, 3shape Trios, etc. to create 3D images of your teeth and gain a better understanding of your overall dental health and condition. Then, based on your needs, offer the best treatment option.

York Orthodontics also offers plenty of flexible financing plans to make payments easier and more manageable for patients. Contact them right away for more information.

The Effectiveness of Invisalign for Adults

Opting for Invisalign can be a major decision, and for some patients, it may take years to ultimately decide to invest their hard-earned money in improving their smile.

Unfortunately, age can pose a significant barrier for some when it comes to getting orthodontic treatment. However, here is everything you need to know about Invisalign for adults, whether you are a younger patient wondering if you can wait or an older patient concerned that you have waited too long.

The Effectiveness of Invisalign for Adults

Bone density

Always remember that one of the crucial factors for orthodontic treatment in older age is bone density, and age does not necessarily affect how well the treatment works. If you’re older, your orthodontist will assess your bone density to make sure it’s sufficient for treatment. Some teeth may be problematic, while others move quite easily in older individuals due to issues with bone density.

Longer trays wear may be necessary for older patients

You may probably need to wear Invisalign trays longer than younger people if you wait until you get older. However, this isn’t a universal rule, and it depends on your overall dental health. You might be able to get your aligners off as quickly as a younger one if you get regular dental checkups and your teeth and gums are healthy.

All ages can benefit from Invisalign for adults

Invisalign treatment can be an effective option for people of any age with mild to moderate dental problems and can address the problem efficiently.

If your orthodontist recommends Invisalign treatment for your own case, trust their expertise, fasten your belt, and be prepared for the journey ahead. To get the best results, you’ll need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. The more consistently you wear them, the faster your teeth will move and, consequently, you’ll gain the well-aligned teeth you’ve always wanted.

Attend all scheduled appointments and follow your orthodontist’s instructions carefully to ensure achieving the best result. Remember, the key to gaining a beautiful smile with Invisalign is dedication and commitment.

Invisalign for Adults Before and After

If you tend to shy away from having your photo taken or try to hide your teeth when you smile, you have probably considered teeth straightening and how it would feel to be able to smile freely.

Remember that straightening your teeth has benefits beyond aesthetics. Crooked teeth can eventually lead to oral problems or even bigger health issues if left untreated. For instance, some bite types can create excessive stress on the teeth, which causes tooth decay, gum recession, and gumline notches. Teeth that are not properly aligned may deteriorate or break over time.

One of the best recommendations for patients looking for a discreet, flexible option to correct their crooked teeth is Invisalign treatment. Unlike braces, it smoothly fits into various lifestyles and can treat many dental problems, including crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, crossbites, underbites, and overbites. However, Invisalign is only a good option to treat mild to moderate issues, and your orthodontist is the only one who can determine the best course of treatment for your case.

At York Orthodontics, Dr. Mir will evaluate what type of misalignment(s) you have and offer the best treatment options based on your individual needs to improve your bite and smile.

Can Invisalign Fix Snaggletooth?

Yes, of course. Invisalign fix snaggletooth effectively if your tooth has a good shape, doesn’t require raising or lowering, and has a rotation of 20 degrees or less.

Bottom Line

If your misaligned teeth cause discomfort and prevent you from smiling freely, but you feel too old to wear traditional braces like a teenager, Invisalign for adults may be the discreet option you’re seeking.

Here at York Orthodontics, we evaluate your dental condition accurately to determine the best course of treatment based on your needs. Don’t let your age hold you back from smiling confidently. Contact us if you or your loved ones require orthodontic treatment