Invisalign Aligners Vs. Braces: cost, effectiveness, appearance

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign and conventional braces are two FAD-approved devices and very popular orthodontic treatments for gradually straightening teeth. The severity of your case and the level of correction needed, your lifestyle, and your age are some of the main elements that impact the method you have to select to have a stunning smile.

Below, we investigate people’s comments about Invisalign aligners (on the Reddit platform) from all over the world to determine whether the investment is worthwhile.

Invisalign Reddit Comments

How many of you wear Invisalign aligners and how would you rate your whole experience?

Based on the majority of user comments, Invisalign is significantly better than conventional braces in every regard. It’s composed of a series of “trays” that operate as real braces and look like the trays you use for bleaching and whitening your teeth.

Before starting, your orthodontist needs a map of your mouth. So, he /she takes a scan of your mouth with a computer to see how your teeth are going to move through different trays. This allows you to see the final result better.

You may experience some slight discomfort during the first couple of months when you wear the trays, but we guarantee that it will be minor. After those few months, you may need to get the clear brackets cemented onto your teeth. This stage is more noticeable due to the cemented brackets on your teeth. Although it is conspicuous, it’s not dramatically visible. The brackets cause the whole process to speed up and should be used if your orthodontist recommends them.

Your orthodontist will probably give you enough trays for several months. You will also have a calendar that indicates when you should proceed to the next set of trays in the series. You need to wear the trays for around 20 to 22 hours per day. You can only take them out for eating and brushing.

If you forget to put them back (after a meal or a teeth-brush), you’ll feel a sore in your teeth when you put the trays back in. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to forget to wear them back.

Invisalign Reddit

The fact that you can take them off during eating or brushing makes them a better choice than conventional braces. Your speech may be slurred, especially in the first few days, but you quickly get used to it.

The other important thing is that, because Invisalign aligners are clear, they’re easily lost, so make sure you put them in their particular container after taking them out. Please don’t put them on a plate after you’re going out to dinner since the server may not spot them, so they’ll get unintentionally thrown away.

For cleaning them, use regular denture cleaner, or alternatively, take them to your orthodontist to put them in the heavy and powerful cleaner.

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth while sleeping, your trays serve as a night guard for teeth grinding.

The Invisalign aligners are a perfect solution for minor cases, and they are very durable. Please note that any changes in your overall face will be pretty minor, however, the minor changes have a world of worth, especially when you find people will look into your eyes instead of your mouth when speaking.

We highly recommend you go to an expert orthodontist, like Dr. Mir, instead of a regular dentist. Your expert orthodontist may recommend Invisalign aligners after taking numerous measurements of your face to determine the optimal mathematical tooth movement and the best cosmetic result.

Along with Invisalign, you may require the replacement of some old crowns. It may be expensive, but it will undoubtedly be the best investment in yourself that you have ever made.

Invisalign Before and After Reddit: Want to Lose Weight When You Straighten Your Teeth?

One of the main differences between metal braces and Invisalign aligners is that Invisalign can be removed after each meal and teeth-brushing.

Any time you want to eat or drink (anything except water), you’ll need to:

  • Remove your Invisalign.
  • After eating & drinking, clean the aligners.
  • Brush and floss your teeth properly.
  • Put your Invisalign aligners back in.

It’s a pretty hard and challenging task. As a result, before consuming any random snack, such as cookies or chips, you have to consider whether it is worthwhile to spend too much time cleaning your teeth and Invisalign aligners. This approach will ultimately push you toward making healthier choices.


There are some points about Invisalign Aligners that are better to know before starting the treatment.

  • Before drinking anything except water, you should take your Invisalign out because there is a risk of turning your retainers green. Make sure to clean your trays and brush your teeth before putting them back in.
  • Even if you wear your retainers all the time, there is a possibility that you need refinements.
  • When you used to wear Invisalign aligners, you may feel wired without them and it may look like your teeth are small and pointy.
  • You’ll probably need to take your Invisalign in and out in public. It is not obligatory to do it in the bathroom, especially if you have a busy job. Simply explain to people around, you have to deal with plastic in your mouth most of the time, and consequently, you’ll find sympathy in their behavior.
  • The world does not end if you cannot brush your teeth immediately after eating. Make sure you brush your teeth and clean your aligners as soon as you can.
  • Before going to bed, put new aligners in your mouth. Remember, most of your teeth move while you’re sleeping. The aligners will never impact the quality of your sleep.
  • Stay away from grinding your teeth because the only thing left for you is a horrible bumpy aligner with holes that your tongue will want to explore constantly, resulting in an annoying sore inside of your mouth.
  • Invisalign aligners won’t be noticed by many people, however, they are not absolutely invisible. If people look into your mouth carefully, they’ll easily notice them. But, don’t let them give you a bad feeling.
  • It has a lot of value to invest in Retainer Brite. It’s a dissolvable tablet used for cleaning the aligners and making them new like on their first days. You’ll probably need one of them every two weeks. They are cheap and easily accessible on online websites like eBay.
  • Last but not least, sometimes patients need to get refinements while only one tray remains for them and they have to deal with it for up to 4/5 weeks. If they have a habit of grinding their teeth, they’ll have aligners with little holes. Moreover, no matter how much they use Retainer Brite and aligner brushing, after 3 weeks, they will begin to feel disgusting and give them a horrible feeling when wearing them. The bad news is that they have no choice but to keep going the same way. Otherwise, their teeth may move back, and it will have a bad impact on their treatment.

Despite all the things mentioned above, Invisalign is the best option for many people, resulting in a wonderful smile and causing them to be complimented and admired.

the impact of invisalign on beautiful smile

Reddit Invisalign Cost

The average cost of both Invisalign aligners and conventional braces is around $5,000. However, the total cost highly depends on the degree of correction required and any delays or complications encountered along the way.

Fortunately, many dental insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of Invisalign aligners or braces, usually a specific cash amount or a percentage. Please note that not all dental insurance covers Invisalign or teeth straightening in adults. For more information, contact your insurance company.

Reddit Invisalign Cost: A Comparison chart of Invisalign and Braces

Braces Invisalign aligners
Treatment length Average of two years. 6-24 months
Price Around $2,000-$8,000 Around $2,000-$8,000
Work for Each case; minor, moderate, and severe cases Only for minor cases
requirements ·         Stay away from hard, chewy, and sticky foods.

·         Brush and floss your teeth, thoroughly.

·         Removing it after each eating and drinking (except water) is obligatory.

·         It needs to be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day.

Mouth irritations yes no
Nearly invisible Lingual braces are less visible than metal braces. Overall, lingual braces are nearly invisible from a relatively long distance, but metal braces are easily noticeable. yes

 Frequently questions on Quora

Is it possible to use Invisalign aligners to correct a jaw misalignment or an asymmetrical jawline?

Please note that there are different types of misalignments and Invisalign aligners can only help fix a minor case.

Usually, in cases of skeletal problems, orthognathic surgery is only an option if the patient has already reached skeletal maturity.


Is it possible to get Invisalign for just the bottom teeth?

It may be possible in some cases, and it highly depends on your treatment goal and objective. Your orthodontist is the only one who can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for it. Remember to ask your orthodontist to clearly explain all the implications before making a decision.

Please note that this approach might not result in a total 50% price reduction. Single-arch treatment is about 70% less expensive than dual-arch treatment.


What are the advantages of Invisalign aligners?

  • Appearance: Clear plastic Invisalign aligners, unlike metal braces, are a discreet style that perfectly fits a patient’s teeth and is virtually undetectable from a distance. Due to this, many individuals prefer them over braces.
  • It’s easy to brush and floss: You can easily remove Invisalign aligners when you’re eating, brushing, and flossing. As a result, unlike with metal braces, you no longer have to worry about your oral hygiene routine.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners fit flush against teeth and, unlike braces, don’t cause cuts or discomfort. However, users might experience some minor discomfort.
  • Eat whatever you’d like: When you wear braces, you have to avoid hard, stinky, and chewy foods like nuts, bagels, popcorn, etc., to prevent damage, however, the story is totally different when you use Invisalign aligners because you ought to remove them before eating. So, you no longer need to follow a special diet.
  • You need fewer visits to your orthodontist: and consequently, less time off from work, school, and leisure time.


What are the drawbacks of Invisalign aligners?

  • It’s not a proper solution for complex corrections. In severe cases, you ought to use metal braces.
  • You should remove your Invisalign aligners when you’re eating or drinking because they are made of a special medical plastic that is easily damaged and stained by food. Moreover, the heat can easily wrap your clear plastic.
  • You need to wear Invisalign for around 20 to 22 hours per day, otherwise, you may see less progress or, even worse, harm the final results. So, it’s crucial to be disciplined enough to wear them for the required number of hours per day. Due to this, Invisalign aligners are often not advised for kids, because despite the mentioned issue, there is a high possibility that they will lose them, which costs more money and prolongs the treatment time.
  • For certain individuals, small tooth attachments are required to have more control over tooth movement. These attachments should be cemented and taken off by an orthodontist. Users who require attachments might need more consultations than others, and the attachments are apparent via transparent plastic.


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