There is a lot of demand for braces that are fairly hard to see. There are many adults who would like to get braces, but are put off by the appearance of the traditional metal types. They have the option to get clear braces or ceramic, and they don’t have to worry so much about how braces might affect their appearance. There are also teenagers who prefer to get the clear or ceramic braces that are less visible.

More specifically, the brackets in this case are not made of metal. Instead, the brackets which attach to the teeth are either going to be the same color as teeth, or even made of a clear material. These brackets are about the same size and shape as traditional metal brackets. However, since the material is either clear or tooth-like in color, it’s much harder to see that the brackets are there.

Thankfully, there are options which are available for adults and younger people who are looking for something less obtrusive. As with most things, the various options do come with their own pros and cons, so patients are going to have to weigh these carefully. There will be times when the decision will not be particularly clear or obvious.

Ceramic braces are one kind of product which can be appealing to people looking for braces which are more invisible. Now, it’s important to note that ceramic braces aren’t completely invisible. Instead, changes have been made to the various parts of the dental appliance, in order to allow it to blend in better with the teeth. It can still be possible to see these clear braces and the wire that runs from bracket to bracket comes in a more traditional metallic colour.

Since these braces are made of different materials, this will raise the overall cost of the dental appliance. Please talk to your orthodontist about the price difference of ceramic braces.

Clear Braces