On average, patients invest $5,000-$7,500 for their orthodontic treatment. For limited treatment, the cost of treatment may be lower. Factors which will have an impact on your orthodontic treatment cost are treatment length, method and goals. For instance, if your teeth are already fairly straight, then you can expect that the treatment will be done more quickly. For those people who want something more invisible, they could choose to go with ceramic or clear braces. Some of these options may involve an added cost to treatment. Invisalign is usually more expensive than braces.


There are many dental insurance plans which cover orthodontic treatment. You can talk to your insurance provider, or ask us to contact them to identify your coverage. You may also use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Insurance and FSA can help you cover much of the investment.


Get your braces or Invisalign today, and pay over time. We offer flexible financing plans to make paying for your treatment easier. The plans are easily affordable and do not place any burden on you. You can discuss the most suitable monthly plan at your consultation visit. York Orthodontics provides interest-free payment plan options.