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Braces for Adults

Braces for adults

Braces for adults? Is it good option?  That’s the frequently question asked us. Many adults believe that braces are only for children and teenagers; however, this is not the case! For some adults, orthodontic treatment wasn’t an option when growing up, but many adults these days are choosing to fix issues they have with their teeth. It’s never too late to perfect your smile, and the number of adults getting orthodontic work done is increasing each day!

These days, adults make up almost half of all orthodontic patients.

Braces have come a long way, and now there are more options for everyone to choose from. There are many different options when it comes to braces for adults these days. Adults can choose the traditional ceramic braces, or there is always Invisalign, for less serious cases. You may be able to afford braces more now than ever before, or you may simply be more conscious of your teeth, or maybe problems have just started to occur now.

Whatever your reason is, it is never too late to come to see Dr. Nima Mir and his team. Why not get the smile you have always dreamed of today?

An Excellent Adult Braces Candidate

Braces are ideal for adults who are unhappy with their tooth alignment. No matter how severe the misalignment is, adult braces can almost fix any case of tooth imperfection. Moreover, adult braces can even correct malocclusion (jaw misalignment). Malocclusion can be in different forms: overbite, underbite, or crossbite, and adult braces can be the best way to achieve jaw alignment.

Advantages of Adult Braces

One of the noticeable advantages of adult braces is straight teeth and, consequently, a beautiful smile. Besides, it is a great way to promote overall oral health. When teeth are misaligned, it will be hard to reach certain areas of them while brushing. As a result, adult orthodontic treatment has become the most convenient way to maintain good oral health in a long time.

 Are Braces for Adults Worth it?

Most adults who choose braces to straighten their teeth out and fix their malocclusion are incredibly satisfied with the result. It leads to boosting their confidence, better relationships, more success in their career, and an overall happier lifestyle.

However, adult braces are entirely up to individuals because certain tooth misalignments do not cause an oral health concern. In these cases, orthodontics is only important from an aesthetic point of view.

ceramic braces

Different Types of Treatment Options for Adults

  • Aligners
  • Conventional fixed braces
  • Invisible braces
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Retainer
  • Additional appliances

Conventional Braces

Braces used to be made up of a metal band wrapped around every or nearly every tooth. Today, modern braces just have one bracket bonded to the front of the tooth to hold the wires in place. The wires will be anchored by a few bands in the back.

Clear or tooth-colored ceramic is the second option for conventional braces.

The biggest benefit of conventional braces is that, in most cases, the treatment time is shorter, but these devices are noticeable even if you use the ceramic option.


Aligners are clear trays that should remain in the mouth for 20 to 22 hours per day, and they are switched out every two weeks to make room for tooth movement. You can remove them only for meals and clean your teeth.

Invisalign is the most common brand for aligners. They are less visible (but not completely invisible) and, unlike other types of braces, don’t affect how you brush and floss your teeth.

Remember, when you use aligners, you need to switch out the trays on schedule. The shifting of this obligation can sometimes result in a longer course of treatment than conventional options.

Invisalign Cost


Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces have a small metal clip on the bracket that lets wires pass through. Therefore, you do not need an elastic band to move your teeth.

Lingual braces

Like conventional braces, lingual braces have brackets that are bonded to the back sides of the teeth. Lingual braces are invisible and work as quickly as conventional braces, but they are costlier.

Regardless of the type of device you used, your orthodontist may require you to wear a retainer after treatment is completed.

 Maxillofacial surgery

A specific type of dentistry known as maxillofacial surgery involves an operation to treat certain diseases, injuries, and birth defects of the face, jaw, or mouth.

You need maxillofacial surgery if you have a problem with:

  • Your teeth
  • Your jaw’s bones and tissue in your lower face (maxillofacial area)
  • Your month’s roof (palate)

Maxillofacial surgery will be done to improve jaw function and relieve the pain.

Your orthodontist may advise you to do maxillofacial surgery if you have some kind of dental problem:

  • Chronic dental pain
  • Oral diseases
  • Extract or remove impacted teeth
  • Preparing for dental implants and prostheses (like dentures)
  • Inserting dental implants

Maxillofacial surgery

Organizing Your Treatment

Depending on the type of wearable appliance and the severity of your problem, the course of treatment may take about 18 to 22 months. Though the length of aligner treatment depends on wearing the gadget consistently, adults are quite driven to do so.

Note that patients can only use one device during a treatment course. For instance, a person may need an aligner for a couple of months before using conventional braces.

Before beginning orthodontic care, your orthodontist will take a complete medical history. Since teeth move through living bone during orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may need to know if you are already taking drugs or have poor bone density. Women are especially concerned about this issue because they are more likely than men to seek orthodontic care as adults and, unfortunately, are more likely to have low bone density.

 The Takeaway

Adult braces are becoming more and more common these days, and there is no sign of abating. Fortunately, technology provides a variety of options for different lifestyles and has strategies for completing the course of treatment rapidly and effectively.

So if you have any questions about adult braces, please feel free to contact York OrthodonticsWe do know all your concerns and know how to best deal with them.