The Best Braces Colors: The Ultimate Guide in 2023

the best braces color

Choosing the right color for your braces can be both fun and challenging. While you may be excited to have braces and choose a color that reflects your personality or matches your outfit, you also want to make sure that the color complements your skin tone, teeth color, and eye color. In this article, we will discuss the best braces colors that match different skin tones, teeth, and eye colors.

The best braces color

Before we dive into the best color options, it’s important to note that you should always consult with your orthodontist to determine which colors are available for your specific type of braces.

Choosing the color of your braces can be a fun and exciting way to express yourself and show off your personality while undergoing orthodontic treatment. With so many color options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect color for your braces:

  • Your personal style: The color of your braces can reflect your unique fashion sense and personality. If you’re someone who loves bold and bright colors, you may want to consider vibrant shades such as neon pink, electric blue, or sunny yellow. If you prefer a more understated look, you may opt for classic colors like silver or clear.
  • The occasion: If you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding or a prom, you may want to choose a color that complements your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a red dress, you could consider choosing red or pink braces to match.
  • The season: Consider the time of year when selecting your braces color. Bright colors such as orange or green can be great for spring and summer, while darker colors like navy or burgundy can be perfect for fall and winter.
  • Your favorite sports team: If you’re a big fan of a particular sports team, you could consider getting braces in their team colors to show your support.
  •  Your skin tone: It’s important to note that some colors may look better on certain skin tones than others. For example, if you have fair skin, you may want to avoid colors that are too bold or bright, as they may clash with your complexion.

the best braces color for boys

Ultimately, the best color for your braces is the one that makes you feel confident and happy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors until you find the perfect match. And remember, you can always switch up your colors at your next orthodontic appointment

The best braces color for different tooth colors

When it comes to matching your braces with your teeth color, you want to choose colors that complement your natural tooth color. If your teeth are slightly yellow, it’s best to avoid colors that have yellow undertones, such as yellow or orange. Instead, choose colors that have blue or purple undertones, such as silver or dark blue. If your teeth are already very white, brighter colors such as pink or turquoise can create a fun and playful look.

The best braces color for different eye colors

Eye color is also an important factor to consider when choosing the color of your braces. For brown eyes, green and blue shades can complement the natural warmth of the eyes. For blue eyes, pink or purple can create a beautiful contrast. If you have green eyes, darker shades of green or blue can complement the natural color of your eyes.

good braces color

You can see the summary of what we said in the table below:

The best braces colors for yellow teeth Clear or silver
The best braces colors for whiter teeth The darker shades, like royal blue, navy blue, and dark purple
The best braces colors for brown eyes Green, blue, pink, and lilac
The best braces colors for blue eyes Blue, pink, and lilac
The braces’ colors make your teeth look whiter Darker shades like royal/navy blue, purple, and even black


What are Dr. Mir’s recommended braces colors?

There is no one “recommended” color for braces, as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some popular choices include clear or tooth-colored braces for a subtler appearance, while brighter colors like pink, blue, and green can be fun and expressive. Keep in mind that certain colors may highlight any discoloration or staining on the teeth, so it may be best to avoid darker colors like black or dark blue.

What are the best braces colors for girls?

The best braces colors for girls can vary depending on personal preference and style. Some popular options include pink, purple, turquoise, and silver. These colors can complement a variety of skin tones and make a fashion statement. Remember that the best color for braces is one that the wearer feels comfortable with and happy wearing.

What are the best braces colors for boys?

The best braces colors for boys can depend on their personal preferences, skin tone, and the color of their teeth. Generally, darker colors like black, navy blue, and dark green can be good choices for boys. Other popular options for boys include silver, gold, and red.

What are the best braces colors for adults?
The best braces colors for adults can vary based on personal style and preference. Some popular options for a subtler look include clear or tooth-colored braces. However, adults can also choose bolder colors such as dark blue, dark green, or even black to make a statement.


In conclusion, choosing the best braces color is a personal preference, but it’s always a good idea to consider factors such as skin tone, tooth color, and eye color. At York Orthodontics, Dr. Mir and his team are committed to providing personalized treatment options that meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient. We offer a wide range of braces colors, styles, and materials to ensure our patients feel confident and comfortable throughout their orthodontic journey. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover the perfect braces color for you!