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Are Braces Ruining your Photos?

braces and pic

Its completely normal for people to feel self-conscious, however there is no reason to avoid getting your picture taken because you wear braces. There are many ways that you can enjoy your photos without hiding your smile!

At York Orthodontics, Dr. Nima Mir offers a wide-range of coloured rubber bands for braces to make your braces fun! You can match the colour of your braces to any occasion! For example, you may want to have festive red and white coloured braces at christmas time!

Another option is to make them disappear! If photos of you with braces really bother you, a quick photo-edit can solve this problem. There are several photo-editing programs that can help erase your braces in the photo. All you need to do is zoom-in on your teeth, pick a natural tooth colour and paint your braces away!

Finally, Dr. Nima Mir offers an alternative option to braces called Invisalign. Did the name give it away? Invisalign is a perfect choice for teens and adults that would rather have their braces appear invisible. Dr. Mir and his staff can assist you in choosing which orthodontic treatment options will work best for your lifestyle.