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Phase I- Orthodontic Treatment Before Braces: The Benefits of Starting Early

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Before Braces

Orthodontic Treatment Before Braces


Your little girl comes home from school with her class photos, and now it’s time to choose which package to buy and distribute to your family and friends. As you look through the pictures it’s reaffirmed that your sweet beautiful angel has her father’s teeth. You know eventually she will need braces, but your child is still pretty young and has only lost a few baby teeth so far, so what can you do?  Should you just wait until all the adult teeth fall out and hope for the best?

Not every parent is aware that it is recommended that children should see an Orthodontist no later than 7 years old. By the age of seven your child’s jaw has most likely grown enough for an Orthodontist to have a pretty good idea about how the adult teeth will start aligning itself.

Early treatment is all about foreseeing potentially severe issues and creating opportunities to prevent them.  Some orthodontic conditions are simply easier to correct if they’re corrected early and give the orthodontist a little more control over how the adult teeth will come.

There are a variety of ways Dr. Mir can help your child, whether it be by gently manipulating the structure of the jaw using a RPE, or putting in an appliance that stops bad oral habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

The first phase, Early Treatment, is designed to:

  • Enable correct biting and chewing
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Prevent a problem from developing
  • Intercept a developing problem
  • Guide the growth of the jaw bones that support the teeth so the teeth come in straight and the jaw grows in the correct alignment
  • Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position
  • Create a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips and face
  • Establish long-term stability; the teeth remain where they are supposed to stay
  • Improve appearance

The benefits of early intervention by a Certified Orthodontist such as Dr. Mir include:

  • A better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
  • The ability to correct any habits that may be the cause of development problems, such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing
  • Correcting bite problems like an open bite, crossbite or deep bite
  • The ability to guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate emerging teeth
  • The ability to improve your child’s appearance
  • Creating a more pleasing and functional arrangement of teeth, lips and face
  • Alleviating future, and possibly more invasive, dental correction
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence in your child

Now you know there is something that can be done before braces are needed. Take matters into your own hands and let Dr. Mir and his team assist you and your family. Call our office at 289 588 8747 to book your FREE CONSULTATION!