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Orthodontic Elastics

Orthodontic Elastics

It is very common that a patient is required to wear orthodontic elastics at some point during their orthodontic treatment. Elastics are worn in conjunction with braces is an important part of successful orthodontic results. There are many different reasons as to why Dr. Mir may recommend the use of elastics.

Orthodontic elastics, also known as rubber bands are used to correct a misalignment of the jaw and teeth. When a patient’s upper and lower teeth do not fit comfortably or correctly, elastics are recommended to help properly position the teeth and jaw. Using a gentle and consistent force, the elastics guide one’s upper and lower jaw into proper alignment. Elastics are also capable of speeding up the process of aligning teeth.

Brackets with hooks are placed on specific teeth to accommodate the elastics. In most cases, a rubber band is looped around the hooks on the brackets, connecting the top and bottom teeth together. Where the elastics are placed and the angle of the band depend on the type and severity of the malocclusion.

The following are common examples of why and how elastics are worn.





Open Bite


Elastics should be worn at all times unless Dr. Mir has instructed you otherwise. Removing the bands during eating and brushing routines is recommended. The staff at York Orthodontics will provide you with instructions on how and where to place the elastics in your mouth. This may be difficult at first however, after a few days you will be able to place them in your mouth without even looking. The rubber bands will lose elasticity after a few hours. Therefore, we recommend changing replacing your elastics multiple times a day. If you run out of your elastics, just let a staff member know during your next appointment and we will gladly provide you with more.

Patient cooperation is extremely important when it comes to the use of elastics. If the rubber bands are not worn at all times as directed, the desired results of treatment will not be achieved. Causing a lengthened orthodontic treatment schedule. Similar to the arrival of your orthodontic appliances, your mouth will take some time to adjust to the new elastics in your mouth. Minor discomfort can be expected until your mouth adjusts.


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