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The Importance of Oral Health

Oral Health

Everybody makes a point of seeing their family doctor when they are sick. So why isn’t that the case when it comes to visiting your dentist or orthodontist? If you see a problem in your mouth, shouldn’t it be as urgent as visiting your doctor when you catch a cold? Unfortunately, many people wait until there is a dental/orthodontic emergency to visit their dentist or orthodontist. Good oral health makes a huge difference in your overall health. Therefore, regular visits to your dentist  and orthodontist should be a priority!

Good oral health makes a positive contribution to your overall health. For example, gum disease is associated with cases such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and the list goes on… Caring for your smile can make a healthy impact on your life in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

Did you know that approximately 3200 Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer every year? Unfortunately, the survival rate of oral cancer is low. This is because many cases are not detected until it is too late. When caught early on, the changes of remission are high! Something as simple as bleeding gums can be a sign of oral cancer. So don’t take the chance, visit your dentist at least once a year. You wont regret it!

Here are some helpful tips on oral health:


-Eat healthy foods that benefit your oral health. This means limiting foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugars.

Use quality instruments to keep your mouth clean. Products like soft bristle toothbrushes and toothpaste containing fluoride are beneficial to your oral health. Try to purchase products with a Canadian Dental Association (CDA) seal.


Just like the Canadian Cancer Society reminds people to check their breasts for lumps, the Canadian Dental Association reminds you to do the same with your mouth.

Signs of gum disease can range from sores, sensitive gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing to bad breath that wont subside. 

Numbness or tingling in the mouth, white or red patches, bleeding and sores that wont heal are all symptoms of oral cancer.


According to the Canadian Dental Association, 48% of Canadians that haven’t been to a dentist in a year are diagnosed with gum disease. This can easily be prevented by making regular visits to your dentist. When you see a dentist frequently, any problems can be detected at their earliest stages and can be treated promptly.


Another way of strengthening your teeth & gums and improving your oral health is eating well. Snacks like cheese, nuts, non-acidic fruits can be beneficial to your oral health.

Receiving orthodontic treatments can be curtail to your oral health. Problems like crowded teeth allow plaque to build in places you cannot clean. This can lead to serious problems like gum disease. Therefore, straightening your smile can act as foundation in improving your oral health.

Oral Health

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