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The Best and Worst Candy for your Teeth!


Are you a candy connoisseur? We all know most candy isn’t good for those pearly white teeth, but there are definitely solutions that Dr. Nima Mir recommends to get your candy fix, and that won’t harm your beautiful smile!

The Good Candy

This one is a no brainer: Sugar-free lollipops and hard candies. These types of treats can stimulate saliva, which prevents a dry mouth. A dry mouth allows plaque to build up on teeth faster which leads to a higher chance of getting cavities.

Sugar-free gum. Believe it or not, chewing sugar-gum can prevent cavities!

This one may make you happy: Dark Chocolate is considered a good candy. Yes, most chocolate has a ton of sugar but there have been studies to prove that the antioxidants in dark chocolate can be good for the heart, as well as lower blood pressure. Obviously everything is better in moderation.

The Bad Candy

Again, this one should be a no brainer: Sugary snacks are not good for you teeth. This includes cookies, cakes, and basically anything with a ton of sugar. Sugar can cause tooth decay.

Chewy/sticky treats are also not your best choice. Gummy candy, taffy, and dried fruit are delicious but again, the sugar in these can cause major tooth decay and when they get stuck in-between the teeth, it can be very tough for saliva to wash away – which can lead to cavities.

Sour candies are not your friend either, sorry! Most sour treats have very high level of acid levels and they can break down tooth enamel quickly. Tooth enamel is what protects your teeth. This makes it easier for teeth to become chipped or broken. Enamel also insulates the tooth. A lack of enamel can expose the nerves in your teeth, which are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature of the things you eat and drink. Dr. Nima Mir recommends that patients wait a bit to brush their teeth after consuming acidic foods or drinks, otherwise they will be brushing acid onto more tooth surfaces, increasing the erosive action.

We know everyone loves their candy, so don’t hesitate to call York Orthodontics if you have any questions or concerns regarding your beautiful smile and your fave candies.

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