Incognito™, lingual, “invisible” or “hidden” braces may be the perfect choice for you! Invisible braces are very specialized, 100% customized for you and hide behind your teeth. Throughout treatment, people around you will see you and not a mouth full of plastic or metal. These invisible braces are effective in fixing your smile.

Why choose Invisible braces or Incognito™?

There are many reasons why you could opt for Incognito™ Hidden Braces. With these braces, you can have your cake and eat it too! Throughout treatment you can smile wide for the camera when taking family photos, going on first dates, accepting your diploma or going on job interviews; whatever your plans are, you can have a confident smile.


Are Incognito™ Braces Right for you?

Make you appointment today with your orthodontist and ask if Incognito™ braces are right for you!

Invisible Braces